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13 November 2020

Growing Interest in Sports and Active Lifestyles in Moscow

Every year, as the number of equipped sports facilities increases, the number of residents supporting a healthy lifestyle in the capital city also grows. The pandemic undoubtedly had a significant impact on the sports industry. Many events were canceled or postponed, and fitness clubs and sports schools had to temporarily close. However, even in such circumstances, numerous athletes, offline organizations, and sports enthusiasts have once again proven that self-isolation is not a reason to give up sports.

In collaboration with the Department of Information Technology of the City of Moscow, efforts are being made to publish information about publicly accessible sports infrastructure and recreational areas on citywide portals. Here, every resident of the metropolis can find a place for recreation and sports activities. Nikolai Gulyaev, the head of the Department of Sports and Tourism of the capital, announced an increase in the interest of Muscovites in sports and recreational leisure.

"Currently, about 4 million people in the capital are actively engaged in physical education and sports, including 46,000 individuals with disabilities," he said.

He also noted that the number of Moscow citizens leading active lifestyles has almost doubled compared to 2010. Currently, there are nearly 20,000 sports facilities in Moscow, including over 3,000 gyms, 377 swimming pools, and 58 indoor ice rinks. Additionally, the city has created 327 dedicated workout spaces that were previously unavailable. The aim is to actively contribute to shaping the sports life of the city.

Ознакомиться со спортивными и силовыми тренажерами, уличным воркаутом, трибунами и прочим спортивным оборудованием можно в соответствующих разделах каталога.

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