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  • Playgrounds from the manufacturer

    Since 2010 we create children's playgrounds and sports equipment, which can be found in every district of Moscow and MO.
  • Scientific playgrounds

    Our new direction, where we make an open-air museum that will be interesting for children and adults.
  • We produce our own products

    It has a production base, design office, warehouse complex, construction and installation department, logistics and commercial departments working on it.
  • Wide range of products

    We can offer equipment in a variety of styles, materials, age groups and activities.

Our Offerings

Play Equipment Innovative Children's Play and Sports Solutions. Explore a wide array of safe and engaging play equipment, from slides to climbing frames, all designed with care for durability and safety.
Science Playgrounds Interactive Learning Adventures. Dive into the world of sound, light, and electricity with our Science Playgrounds, where fun and education meet to ignite curiosity.
PlayHubs Custom Projects for Unique Spaces. Transform your space with Leber’s bespoke PlayHubs, tailored to add a unique touch to any residential complex or community area.

Solutions Tailored for All

Designers and Architects
Designers and Architects Leverage Leber’s Resources for Your Creative Projects. By creating a Leber partner account, gain access to an array of resources designed to aid in the planning and execution of your playground projects. Benefit from comprehensive access to essential documents and support.
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Dealers Join as a Leber Partner and Forge Your Commercial Ventures. Seize the opportunity to become a part of Leber's growing network. By creating your personal account, you can develop and manage your commercial proposals with ease and efficiency.
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Developers Crafting Play Spaces with Leber: From Concept to Completion. Our dedicated team at Leber is adept in the art of creating engaging play spaces tailored for residential complexes. From initial designs to final installation, we ensure every detail is perfect.
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Government Clients
Government Clients A Spectrum of Choices for Playful Endeavors. Opt for one of our ready-made playground models, or let our experts tailor-make a playground that aligns with your specific requirements. We're here to select the best products to meet your needs.
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Shaping the silhouette of the urban environment

Our catalog provides playgrounds with rope elements, sports equipment, themed playgrounds, rope structures. The most popular products are always available!


years on the market

> 2000


> 10 000

annual product output


  • Frame 91
  • Photo 2023 10 24 17 04 52
  • J5u46bqqdyu1cm1f2mrvbv2pxsika8r4
  • Img 6641
  • Img 5537

New products

  • 25.024
    Trampoline New
    25.024 Trampoline square 1540 х 1540 with light (rubber)
  • 25.029
    Trampoline New
    25.029 Trampoline square 1540 х 1540 (Braided ribbon)
  • 25.017
    Trampoline New
    25.017 Trampoline Round d=1840 (rubber)
  • 25.021
    Trampoline New
    25.021 Trampoline Rectangular (rubber)
  • 25.025
    Trampoline New
    25.025 Trampoline square 1780 х 1780 with light (rubber)
  • 25.032
    Trampoline New
    25.032 Trampoline Rectangular (Braided ribbon)
  • 25.019
    Trampoline New
    25.019 Trampoline square 1780 х 1780 (rubber)
  • 25.031
    Trampoline New
    25.031 Trampoline square 1780 х 1780 (Braided ribbon)
  • 25.018
    Trampoline New
    25.018 Trampoline square 1540 х 1540 (rubber)
  • 25.022
    Trampoline New
    25.022 Trampoline Round d=1600 with light (rubber)

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It provides a more detailed list of our sites as well as company information.
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  • 5053 1950  1
    Children Playground
    50x53 m 18 products
  • 21626 34 25 3
    Children Playground
    21.6x26 m 9 products
  • 1132117  3
    Fitness Playground
    11.3x21.17 m 4 products
  • 2222 2 1
    Children Playground
    22x22 m 12 products
  • 2320 430  2024 54 56 1
    Children Playground
    20x23 m 5 products
  • 89 4 2
    Fitness Playground
    8x9 m 4 products
  • 89 2 1
    Children Playground
    6x9 m 1 product
  •   9 4
    Children Playground
    8 products
  •   8 3
    Children Playground
    9 products
  •   7 1
    Fitness Playground
    6 products
  • Qitele
    Children Playground
    9 products
  • 1125 Spielwilly 1
    Children Playground
    11x25 m 6 products