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Board of Directors Experienced professionals who lead the strategic development of the company. Their expertise and strategic approach play a key role in achieving our corporate goals.
Sovet Directors
Current Board of Directors
Artem Sorokin
Sorokin Artem Chairman of the Board of Directors
One of the founders of the company. Throughout the years, he has gained practical experience in finance, sales, corporate development, logistics, and production. Constantly develops skills through ongoing education. At present, his responsibilities include overseeing Leber's investment projects, managing a corporate business incubator, and coordinating operations in the UAE office and exports.
Afanasev Ivan Head of Project Office
Expert in business analytics and systems analysis. He created the crucial IT teams for the company. His role involves improving work methods through the use of digital solutions to increase efficiency. He creates an information field for the organization that combines data on sales, products, warehouse and production processes and results. This allows the company to automate everything, leading to the ideal answers in the shortest time possible.
Juhasz Janos Chief Investment Officer
Specialized in interacting with financial institutions such as banks, leasing, insurance, and factoring companies. He commits to supplying the company with credit funds. Thanks to his work, the organization’s loan portfolio grew over four times. Currently, he is actively exploring new investment avenues, like acquiring production facilities, warehouses, and companies.
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Lichagin Aleksander Product Director
The expert in product marketing. He is responsible for organizing the tasks necessary for creating the company's products and deciding on the product strategy. In his opinion, the correct allocation of roles is essential for success, as successful products are the result of successful teams.
Mkrtumov Suren Head of Sales
The master of sales. He always goes beyond just executing the plan. His goal is to maximize the company's revenue in the present circumstances. He supervises sales in all directions, including the latest ones: small architectural forms (SAFs), furniture, SnabHab, fulfillment, Sobiraem.Pro.
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Bagdasaryan Suren Head of Export Sales
One of the founders of Leber. He is the creator of one of the strongest sales departments in the Moscow region. He captured a significant segment of the market in Russia. The specialists he trained are consistently top performers in terms of company revenue. The export sales department is now under his leadership, and he has set ambitious goals, such as expanding Leber products into the Gulf countries soon and exploring new markets in the future.
Ignatovich Olga Chief Accountant
The professional specializing in strategic management of company finances. At Leber, she constructed the entire accounting and personnel system. She optimized the tax burden and substantially elevated the standard of reporting.
Gera Urnev 186
Makarov Ilya Head of the Digital Transformation
One of the main experts in providing process optimization and automation services. He is accountable for maintaining the integrity of business logic during the integration of new technologies. His solutions not only simplify work processes for employees, but also generate significant economic benefits with minimal time and effort.
Юрий Волков
Volkov Yuri Independent Director
The expert in finance, risk management and strategic budgeting. He joined Leber as an independent specialist. He takes part in the work of the financial and digital committees of ’s board of directors. His expertise lies in providing advice on cost matters in acquisition projects.
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Kuznetsov Sergey Chief Operating Officer
An expert in logistics and establishing effective collaboration between different departments within the company. He successfully implements high-tech IT programs into supply chains for service improvement and profit growth. His goal at Leber is to create a highly effective team that delivers exceptional service across all sectors of the company.
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