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Materials and their processing
We strive to create equipment that not only lasts for many years, but also retains its original durability and beauty throughout its lifespan. That is why we pay carefull attention to the choice of materials from which it is made, as well as their processing. We are constantly improving our technological processes and using only the highest quality materials to achieve this goal.
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Technology of metal parts machining
This process ensures the quality and durability of the equipment we produce and allows it to be installed in various climatic conditions.
Sheet metal is vector cut using a CNC laser machine which allows to produce parts of required sizes and shapes according to the design documentation.
Round and profiled tubes are processed on a CNC laser tube cutting machine.
The use of laser high-precision equipment not only increases productivity, but also ensures a minimum deviation tolerance of the dimensions of parts, which in turn allows us to more accurately weld metal frames and retain the geometry of manufactured products with accuracy to the millimeter.
Performed on pipe benders and sheet benders.
Steel elements are welded with a semi-automatic welding machine, stainless steel elements are welded with an argon-arc welding machine.
The final stage of steel processing is thorough surface cleaning and degreasing, as well as rust removal using a chemical composition.
Fine shot is directed at the metal surface under strong pressure, which ensures a more efficient application of zinc-containing primer on metal parts.
This process also removes all dirt and irregularities, providing a perfectly clean and smooth surface.
The metal is coated with zinc primer for additional corrosion protection, and finally coated with a finish paint in the appropriate RAL.
The process is slightly different for stainless steel. After the welding stage, the welds are cleaned, then subjected to a passivation process to restore the original appearance of the metal. This is followed by grinding and polishing to a "mirror" finish.
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Grey Antracite
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Deep Black
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HPL plastic
Most of the products we produce are made of HPL-plastic sheets. This choice is not accidental. HPL-plastic differs from its analogs by high hardness, durability, non-toxicity. Durability and resistance to any climatic conditions allow to use HPL in any region and under any climatic conditions.
HPL-plastic is processed using modern CNC machines. They provide fast, accurate, high-quality processing, cutting, drilling, milling of any level of complexity.
The machine cuts, selects and engraves the material. This allows the design elements to be applied to HPL plastic.
Here the round bevel is removed by hand.
Metall10 Metall11
Next, the plastic is sent either for minor sub-assembly or straight to packaging.
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Stainless steel fasteners
Stainless steel fasteners are part of a premium line of hardware with HPL plastic.
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Packaging area
To ensure long-term storage and transportation, we securely package all of our equipment. Each product is packed with protective materials and then placed in a sturdy box or other container that prevents direct contact with the outside environment. The packaging provides reliable protection against shaking, moisture, dust and other external influences.
According to the needs of our customers, we offer an additional packaging service for equipment that needs to be transported over long distances. The type of packaging is customized for each case. This service is designed to provide an even greater level of protection.
Proper packaging and proper loading of the equipment into the vehicle is the basis for its safety during transportation. We will make sure that your equipment is delivered to its destination in the same condition in which it left our production facility or warehouse.
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