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Put a melody together

Turn the knob to play the music. Can you mentally divide this melody into parts of different instruments? Let's give it a try! Move the tokens to the left (off) and right (on).
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3 min to read · May 24, 2023
Check how well you feel the melody. This is the famous "Pink Panther" by Henry Mancini. We recorded it with different instruments: brass, triangle and bass. Move the chips left (off) and right (on) to listen to all the variations of "Pink Panther". Try to create your own version of this tune using the switches. Maybe you'll decide to connect a triangle to the wind instruments? Or keep just the bass? Feel like a DJ, and a composer, and a sound engineer. I wonder what kind of melody you will get?
What kind of tunes do we memorize?
There are those songs that stick with us for a day, a week, a month or even two. This phenomenon, when a song gets stuck in your head, even has a special definition — Earworm, i.e. earworm syndrome. The scientific name is involuntary repetition of musical images.
Earworm — involuntary repetition of musical patterns.
Today, there are quite a few studies on compulsive melodies. However, there is still no definite answer as to why a song gets stuck in your head.
Some scientists believe that if a song gets stuck in our head, it means that we sincerely like it. That's a simple conclusion.
Other scientists take melodies apart piece by piece: they evaluate the tempo, the characteristics of intervals between notes, the range of pitch changes, and so on. It turns out that an earworm is likely to have a fast tempo and sharp, frequent changes in pitch.
One more thing — songs that get stuck in your head have a simple musical contour: when the intonation of the first phrase flows upward very smoothly and the second phrase flows downward.
Can you remember your «earworm»? But be careful, it's very intrusive!
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